Pain relief with Safe Laser 

Pain relief

Dr Karoly Rozsa D.Sc.

He has outstanding achievements in laser research, making his name well-known in science.

He conducted the first experiments on the healing effect of the polarised light, on the basis of which the BIOPTRON device was patented.

Using his 50 years of experience in laser research, he developed Safe Laser.

What is soft laser therapy?

Are you suffering from non-healing wounds, inflammations or persistent pain?

Soft laser therapy offers you a solution with 40 years of experience in research.

  • Quick results
  • Painless treatment
  • Without side effects
  • Low price

Recommendation from Dr George HEGEDUS M.D.

With more than ten years' experience, I haven't met any other equipment that is so

  • efficient
  • easy to use
  • widely usable
  • free from side effects
  • cost-effective